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OSSERVARE IL MOVIMENTO - 1° workshop intensivo di pratiche del movimento - 26/27 ottobre - Daf c/o ex Lanificio - Roma
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AZIONE LINOSA! zero edition

City of Lampedusa/Linosa - ITALY


AZIONE LINOSA! zero edition

5 - 12 July 2013

A week of vacation-study on the Island of LINOSA - ITALY

Encounters in Movement
Emma Scialfa | Rossella Fiumi


The choreographers and independent artists Emma Scialfa (MotoMimetico) and Rossella Fiumi (ALEF\Caravajal15 residenza dinamica) have formed a cultural partnership in a project to share creativity, knowledge, affinities and differences of their individual artistic methods. Their aim is to pass on their know-how and acquired experience in the field of the Performing Arts and movement to professionals and amateurs, students, tourists, patrons.
The population of Linosa is also invited to participate in the practical encounters to improve their psychophysical well being, develop creative and expressive capacities, both individual and as a group, to facilitate their awareness of themselves in a language that may not be verbal.

The project Azione Linosa! is based on a partnership between Emma Scialfa and Rossella in a context of relationships and mutual support of the life-long experiences of the choreographers, aimed at re-qualifying the Culture of the Body as a vehicle of awareness, well-being, health, and last but not least, an occasion for getting to know one another.


Relationships in dance
One of the objectives in the investigation of movement to be dealt with in this workshop is that of making the participants more aware of their bodies and its functions through a variety of techniques including: introduction to movement, Floor Work, improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Stretching and Release Technique.
By studying exercises in movement the aim is to provide the participants with the practical tools required in order to learn to interact with the other/others, taking on unexpected movements, facing up to their individual limits and perceptive habits (as well as those of others) and to gain an understanding of the inherent possibilities of the body and increase its capacities for awareness, integrating thought and action so they will move together. It is addressed to all professionals, amateurs and adult students.
The first hour will be open to all: adults, children, amateurs or simple citizens can participate in the lesson, joining the group of participants in the workshop, an occasion to get to know each other, and for cultural exchange and integration with the “peoples in movement”.

Improvisation Techniques
In this workshop work will be concentrated on the observation and exploration of the perceptions of bodily movement, a fundamental aspect of Improvisation.
The purpose, via specific exercises, is to make the participants aware of the part played by movement in facilitating group harmony, in interacting with the surroundings and in integrating these qualities in Improvisation. This is also an attempt to produce a language based on the ability to make decisions that become actions – fundamentals of communication – and to organize in autonomy a dance or an ensemble of personal actions.
Some of the exercises in searching for this harmony furnish the communication tools that cross the boundaries of the various disciplines, and throw light on the practice of performance and the processes of dancing. Elements of Contact Improvisation are part of the workshop.
The workshop, addressed both to beginners and more experienced individuals, plans for an investigation of individual work, as well as in the duet and group work.

Info and reservations
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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
t. +39 / 3926503328 MotoMimetico
t + 39/ 3391017492 Residenza dinamica

"SENTIRE E AGIRE" dance connections - workkshop



"SENTIRE E AGIRE" dance connections


Workshop description

In this workshop series, offered by the MotoMimetico Company and its choreographer Emma Scialfa, we will look into a creative process and motoric methodology. We will ask ourselves questions on the meaning of communication and what kind of message we express with our presence. We will also explore the physical sensations that take place between two or more partners while getting in contact with each other and with the earth.


The workshop's objective is to provide its participants with some effective, hands-on tools that will help them learn how to interact with others as well as on a stage.  Students will deal with movement, with all its surprises and unexpected moments, and will face their own limits and motor tendencies to learn how to fully utilize the body at its highest potential, while increasing their ability to listen. Thoughts and action will be combined to move forward together.


We will deepen our knowledge of various techniques such as stretching, release, manipulation and couples massage, floor work and contemporary dance in order to increase our ability to "Feel and Act" the dance.  While improving our movements, that will progressively become more precise in all of their components, we will also develop a familiarity with our own body which is, simultaneously, the container and receptor of all human sensations. 

The classes are addressed to adults (18 and up) who have little to no experience with movement studies and that wish to: expand their awareness of their own movements’ potential and limits; encourage their artistic/creative inclination; become familiar with the basics of motion from a technical and of performance standpoint; develop their ability to lead and/or facilitate team projects; increase their own ability to feel and act within the dynamic of a group; facilitate their personal body expressions by learning how to communicate through the body language; deepen their understanding of formative and learning processes. 



Emma Scialfa

Choreographer/Dancer/Cultural Operator



LAB - "SENTIRE E AGIRE" le relazioni nella danza 8/9 Dicembre
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sentire e agire
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