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LAB - "SENTIRE E AGIRE" le relazioni nella danza 8/9 Dicembre
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sentire e agire
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Laboratory of contact improvisation and interpretation of time

lead by Emma Scialfa and Giorgio Rizzo


10-11 March 2012

Teatro Lari, Pisa


A RELATIONSHIP. Dramas and desires

A contact improvisation workshop in conjunction with a study of time and sound. Open to dancers and actors and to anyone who wishes to explore, through the poetry of movement, gesture and sound, around and within their own way of building relationships.  


The Techniques:

Contact improvisation, listening, the inner world, the being of matter, communicating through gesture, the grammar of time, the relationship between movement improvisation in contact improvisation and the usage of the rhythmic means.




First section: Two

The contact: compatibility, contrasts, duplicity and other dynamics directly linked to relationships that take place between couples. Listening.

Second Section: Group

Metamorphosis, settlements, balances and imbalances that trigger in each set. Organization and chaos. Listening.

Third section: Two and Group and their relation with the public

What changes within ourselves when we know we are being watched?

Development and elaboration of the two sections dealt with previously; the couple and the group in relation to the third party. The public. Listening.



First section: Identification of time

Time as musical and interpretative structure, schematization of rhythmic structures, identification of the quarters and of the first movement.

Second section: Listening

Listening to the time and frequency, the distinction between intro and musical theme. Listening and interpretation of high, medium and low pitched sounds.

Third section: The sound within the group

Discerning the single sound within a complete structure no longer separated, but within a complete melodic rhythmic structure. Identification and interpretation of a sound, subject to the structure of the musical movement and of the body.



Emma Scialfa

Choreographer / Teacher / Cultural Operator

Giorgio Rizzo

Musician / Composer / Producer





This internship is based on a monthly 8 hour meeting and it is addressed to adults with a love of theater and to acting students.


During our meetings we will cover the following topics:


a first approach to contact improvisation


development of the body's own abilities through postural integration, stretching and manipulation


In addition, we will look into a creative process and perception methodology. We will ask ourselves questions on the meaning of communication and what message we express with our appearance. We will also explore the physical sensations that take place between two or more partners while getting in contact with each other and with the earth.


The workshop's objective is to provide its participants with some effective, hands-on tools that will help them learn how to interact with others as well as on a stage.  Students will deal with movement, with all its surprises and unexpected moments, and will face their own limits and motor tendencies to learn how to fully utilize the body at its highest potential while increasing their ability to listen. Thoughts and action will be combined to move forward together.


About Contact Improvisation:


Contact Improvisation is a dance genre developed in the United States by choreographer Steve Paxton in the early 70s. This distinctive body language technique has revolutionized the global way of thinking about movement and has influenced the work of choreographers and directors worldwide ever since. 

Contact improvisation is a dance technique in which improvised movement is generated by the dancers physical contact and mutual instincts. This discipline usually involves two dancers which take turns in giving and receiving the body weight therefore alternating the leading and following roles that arise through the sensations of their body contact.


Emma Scialfa

Choreographer/Dancer/Cultural Operator


Stage di danza Internazionale Giarre 10/11 Dicembre
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