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From the meeting of the choreographer and dancer Emma Scialfa and the musician and composer Tommaso Marletta, the experimental platform MotoMimetico was born in the summer of 1998 in Catania.
In these years, research and creation projects have been involving them at national and international levels outlining a common artistic way in their training process.
The sound and vision substance captured their interest towards experimental courses in constant evolution.
MotoMimetico is a platform  with a number of cooperations according to the needs and complexity of the research periods.
Dance-theatre, music and visual arts as a hypothesis of mimicry where container and content are mixed together thanks to an infra-vision defining the limit and its overtaking.
In 2002 Emma Scialfa and Tommaso Marletta kicked off the process of space transformation of Majazé - cultural storehouse of which MotoMimetico is founder.


The association's main goals are the production and promotion of performing arts. Consistently with these objectives, MotoMimetico offers its students the opportunity to continue in their artistic path, by granting scholarships and allowing them to be involved in the company's productions. 


Furthermore, MotoMimetico promotes several productions that range from theater to dance, from visual arts to cinema. Since 2011, the company has been promoting the film Meridiano Perduto, a project developed by Majaze', with the contribution of Cine Sicilia Film Commission.


All of MotoMimetico's productions, for both theater and cinema, have participated in prestigious festivals and exhibitions nationwide and internationally, specifically in France, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania and Brasil.


MotoMimetico is recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation and supported by the Regional Commission for Sicilian Tourism, Sports and Performing Arts.