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It has been said that cinema- when it is not mere entertainment, a breeding of stereotypes, a factory undemanding of attention - is an artistic process that does not represent but "creates faces and gestures; it is some kind of desperate, technical, artificial humanism, a subject for dreams." (Marco Cicala)

This is possible only as long as cinema maintains a true, almost primordial, amazement towards images, sounds and movement; when its darkest side becomes aesthetically perceptible: what is beyond or behind the story, or behind the technical processing of the images, the "black heart" of the action so to speak, no longer talks about something but talks about us.

Romance Frames is a dance, music, words and moves script, a journey inside the Cinema and its suggestions, relived in a new, sensitive construction. In it, cinema becomes a true subject of experience, where its meaning and content are relived starting with a radical "astonishment"  towards free association and construction of movement, word and sound that generate a new passionate expression. There is a homage to a past both personal and collective that settles in the language taken into consideration. 

In Romance Frames the film images are vanished but yet held into the imagination where a path comes to life, beginning from a deep, radiophonic and orchestral echo. It is about that cinema that comes to mind on a sleepless night, while in a half-awake state. It uses soundtracks, small dialogue fragments and music to produce, through dance and interpretation, their emotional context, without specific references. The construction and deconstruction of sense and sensibility, are born from cinema's emotions that, learning from this experience, lead to a choreography of the amorous discourse. The idea is to begin with a love situation - not necessarily with a love story film - where the filmic text is present in different ways and that is, in a broader sense, a "romance adventure". Romance Frames is a journey that digs deeply into the personal adventure of men and women's heart;  a journey made of encounters and abandonment, fear and jealousy, contempt and courage, monotony, eroticism, mystery, allurement and, last but not least, the performers passions’ solitude. 

Therefore, Romance Frames is a critical immersion in the love experience, seeped through and evoked by cinema, and hence - although this is "educated" cinema - also evoked by mass culture. Here, Cinema is freed from its own desperate attempt to aesthetically build a human adventure in today's age of technical reproducibility of moving images; a reproducibility that is uselessly perfect and that has subsequently being replaced by computerized digital images. 

The images' humanistic challenge has been lost, but perhaps the challenge of letting the dreams (from which images take shape) speak, has not: Romance Frames. 




Coreography/Direction/Conception - Emma Scialfa

Adaptation of movie scripts/Sound Editing - Claudio Fasti

Stage and Costume Design - MotoMimetico

Stage Lighting - Elvio Amaniera

Accessories - Massimo DiRocco

Performers - Alessandro Caruso, Giuliana Cocuzza, Simona Fichera

Graphic Design/ Communications - Soul Design/ Lucilla Caniglia

Production - MotoMimetico 2012



31/05 - 1/06/2012 - Teatro Erwin Piscator - Catania

1/2/12/2012 - Scenario Pubblico - Catania

21/12/2012 - Art Garage - Pozzuoli - Napoli

7/08/2013 - Nel quadro della rassegna “Palermo in danza” – Villa Pantelleria - Palermo

6/12/2013 - Zo - centro culture contemporanee - Catania