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In telling stories about the Middle Eastern tradition, Paola Mandel and Giorgio Rizzo didn't simply take a cue from its literature. Typically Oriental, in fact, is also their choice to accompany the story with a live soundtrack, as well as the use of mimic emphasis in the story. The rhythms and sounds that accompany the storytelling echo throughout the Mediterranean. In discovering the many similarities between the short stories drawn from the Persian literature and the classical and popular tradition tales of Southern Italy, we are immediately reminded of how, for centuries, the Mediterranean basin has been the cradle of culture. How can we not notice, in fact, a resemblance with Giufa' in the character of this short little story? And how not to hear a distant echo of Empedocles in this story known in Afghanistan as "The Four Elements"?


Direction and interpretation by Paola Mandel

Music by Giorgio Rizzo

Lights by Emma Scialfa

Production MotoMimetico 2012





15/16 December, 2012 - Teatro Canovaccio - Catania