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BODY FUNCTIONS - October 2013 / May 2014

Contemporary Dance Classes

Premiere DanceStudio




The dancing body has always been our main interest. We often ask ourselves which would be the best way to offer our new students (that approach contemporary dance for the first time), a variety of principles that will allow them to embark in a rich, creative and safe exploration of movement techniques.

For us, the main challenge lies in the relationship between clarity and mystery: oftentimes, both teaching and learning can become a repetitive process and, as teachers, we find ourselves pushing the students to give more 'life' to the material studied, to 'play' in order to increase the 'fun' factor.

We want to develop the dancer/student's perceptiveness and awareness in order to facilitate their understanding of their own personal and physical limits, through the study of different contemporary dance techniques.

We aim to move towards a vital, effective and flowing exploration. We want to put together a journey by creating a path that will lead us to a full, authentic, sophisticated and inspired way of dancing.

The course's objective is to let, in equal measure the professional dancer and the beginner, achieve a complete knowledge of their own body and its functionality through a multifaceted array of classes, from preparation to movement, contemporary technique, floor work and choreographic composition to contact improvisation. The students will also deal with various stretching techniques, release techniques, manipulation and massage with a partner.

Each year, MotoMimetico offers its students the possibility to continue  in their artistic path by granting scholarships and allowing them to be involved in the company's productions. 


Subjects and structure of classes

Course is articulate in a series of intensives workshops during one week each one, proposed every month and subdivides in two levels:


Intermediate Level – h 12,00/13,30

Intensive Stretching / Floor Work / Contact Improvisation


Advanced Level – h 13,30/15,00

Floor Work / Release Technique / Choreographic Atelier / Contemporary Technique / Contact Improvisation


Workshops planning year 2013/2014


2 /7 September

30 September/ 9 October

4/13 November

2/12 December

16/30 January
17/26 February
27 March 18 April
2/10 May
Planning could be change
Next one
8° workshop 2 to 10 May 2014

Is addressed to

Intermediate Level
Actors, dancers, singers, artists, anybody have an movement experience amateurs or professionals they would like amplify their motor capacity, physical, and psycho/physical conditions and they want to develop their expressive and communicative possibilities.
Advanced Level
Amateurs or professionals dancers

The registration fee to MotoMimetico association is 30 Euros yearly (includes insurance)
Fee of one workshop 70 Euro (10 lections)
Fee for the workshop in March/April 95 Euro (26 lections)
Fee for a single lection 12 Euro
Fee for a card 100 Euro (10 lections prepaid)





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