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Flusso NoMade


The show is meant like a passage, a cross-street of stories where the spectator, initially unconscious, more and more becomes protagonist of this travel during the performance. Personages and images flow through dazzle and apparitions, ceremonially dipped into the prepared places: a flooding into the imaginary through a an appointed and never discounted path. We want to render this hymn to the feeling of the images, through one scented succession of intertwined parts like the weaving of a mosaic.
The performance begins, from the very start, by ripping the ticket, that symbolizes the entrance in a railway station, where a twirl of niches, occupied by dancers, represents brisk gashes of life through tiny choreographic particles; a fake tramp begins to interact with the audience, inducing them to believe that he is an intruder attracted from the presence of the people at the entrance, creating an obvious misunderstanding. This shadow spot with radical poetry the states of mind of the presents, that will become "freed" from the same one in the moment in which the imaginary train will leave; a large illuminated trunk supports a choreographic action like celebration of a departure ...........
It is a wandering portrayal, a seer performance, that the spectators - travellers through a crossing of the space, have the task to decipher. To pass through the lives, to probe the emotions through the gesture and the dance, for a theatre that wants to be mirror of the person, these are the cues which "Nomadic Flow" moves from. The context, the music, the dance and the scenical mediums aim to recreate the conditions of just the inner nomadism. The not anymore chronological time is transformed therefore in a psychical time. The hypnotic flickering of the eye - window and the pressing repetition of the noise of the railroads, makes out the train the place itself, in which the separation is celebrated: necessary moment for every gaining of consciousness.


Choreographies/Ideation Emma Scialfa

Musics Tommaso Marletta

Costumes Rosanna Prassi

Interpreters Francisco Corona, Valentina Miraglia, Manuela Maugeri, Giovanna La Cava, Agata Inserra, Valentina Romano, Emma Scialfa.


Production MotoMImetico 1998



09/' 98 Festival Mappe - Catania
04/' 00 Theatre Club - Catania