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Pòthos Vs Hìmeros

Impossible hypothesis of a metamorphosis



The absence is expressed in Greek language with two different terms: Pòthos and Hìmeros. The first one evidences desire of being absent the other desire of being present.
Lighea, the men-loving Sirena and provider of immortality, organizes the metamorphosis of herself, extreme action of rebellion to the asphyxia of the biological disasters triggered by the man. A physical mutation, an intentional amputation, a disablement that determines a new limit in her and whose increases the audacity. Without tail, ghost of a woman, her desire of presence becomes practical assets, a bustle, a seductive hysteria in which her various personalities slip.
The tension oscillates between torments of the memory and becoming of one new identity. To manipulate it means to make moment last a, to delay as long as possible the moment in which it could, from the absence, fall into reality abruptly. Completing this ritual it reconstitutes its truth and it prepares the unhanding of the love.
The metamorphosis shows itself impossible, the seduction implode in the dance becoming a yellowed blurred image. The mechanism is fallen apart, the plan is not completed.
And is normality that, at the end, is our goal?
The story "the Sirena" of Tomasi di Lampedusa is the cue from which all it is begun.


Choreographies Emma Scialfa

Musics Tommaso Marletta, Nicolette Larson, Giovanni Macciocu, Ikeda, Juliette Greco

Interpreters Emma Scialfa, Omelie De Vautibault, Stefania Grasso

Violoncello Giovanni Macciocu

Voice Rosario Minardi

Novellistic elaboration Massimo Blandini

Scripts Cool Memories Jean Baudrillard

General organization Daniela Colasanti


Production MDA Produzione danza /MotoMImetico


12/' 00 Theatre Piscator - Catania
03/' 01 Auditorium Bellini - Naples
05/' 01 Theatre Club - Catania
01/' 02 Theatre Furio Camillo - Rome
02/' 02 Theatre of Saline - Cagliari