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The Miracle



On the meridian of the time there isn't injustice, there is only the poetry of the movement that creates the illusion of the truth and the drama. (Henry Miller)

Created for the 10th Biennial of the Young Artists of the Mediterranean held in Sarajevo in July 2001, with the topics Chaos and Communication, The Miracle has been thought not only to confirm the topics of the Biennial, but also in order to express our position with respect to the misdemeanours that happened in Sarajevo in name of the "religion". Henry miller has inspired us and the seriousness has lead us.

The miracle represents the absurdity in terms, the crushing test of our fallacy, and the man is ready to cross a bloody river in order to obtain it. He will corrupt himself with the ideas, he will turn himself to a shadow, provided that for a second of its life he only can close the eyes to the horror of the truth. Everything can be endured: ruin, humiliation, misery, war, crime, in the confidence that from the evening to the morning something happens, a miracle, that renders our life bearable.

The miracle of the statues that cry blood, the miracle of the New economy, the miracle of the American dream, the miracle of the great joined Europe, the Dolly miracle, the miracle of the fashion and the wealth... defence and food of every power, hypnosis of mass for patent interests. The existence is therefore the true miracle... one series of miracles that, completing themselves daily, feed us, telling about an endless time of cases, places and people.

The wealth of the baroque concerned with the thematic of the miracle has primed a search that, leaving from Piero of the Francesca to the Canova, has carried the Motomimetico company towards choreographic solutions, vibrating like the baroques decorations of the churches, crushing the senses and projecting unnumerable and variegate feelings.
The wish of the group to find on its own territory acknowledgment and reasons of further increase, has been overwhelmed after the first performance in Catania, carried out in the consecrated Church of Saint Gaetano in October 2001.



Choreographies Emma Scialfa

Interpreters Amelie De Vautibault, Valentina Miraglia, Emma Scialfa

Musics Tommaso Marletta, Roberto Agosta

Video Maria Arena

Drama Coordination Lights Massimo Blandini,

musical adaptation Tommaso Marletta

Technical coordination Orazio Arena

Costume designer Nuccia Cardillo


MotoMimetico production, Mercati Generale, Zo - contemporary cultures center



07/' 01 X Biennial of the Young Artists of the Mediterranean - Sarajevo
07/' 01 Festival Lavori in pelle - Ravenna
10/' 01 Church of Saint Gaetano - Catania
12/' 01 Zo - Catania