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4 Caminos


Proxima estaciòn: cuatro caminos".

There is little or nothing, perhaps, more typical and topical than one station, in solitude matter: solitude of noisy and dumb, invasive and indifferent mass.
4 Caminos are four communication paths, from appearing to the being, from the sacred one to the profane one, round-trip.
Never performed travels, beckett-like waits to the infinite, in one storm of private defects and public virtues.
Taking cue from a battery of questions on the necessity, the depth, the penetration, the taste, the fragrance, the pulsation of love, as many windows are opened from which to lean on the inconsistence of wanting to transform the verbalization in motion and viceversa.
Besides and beyond the answers, four women in scene, four characters aiming to the obsessed search of the mere Ego, raptured by the claustrofobic sense of tight words, like uncomfortable and awkward dresses; to undress themselves, to melt themselves and to look for the sense in a movement that from the words reach out for the body and take space in concrete actions, in a crossing of symbols and bodily memories.
Four presences that are defied, in the point of intersection of a truth, in the immaginiphic and magnificent game of the being: past and future they converge here, with such clarity and precision that not only the answers, but the objects, the dreams, the roads, all the things are focused revealing, in an only harmonious and comprehensible weft, their essence and their significance: "it will be like seeing stars where the others only see spots and warts".



Choreography Emma Scialfa

Musics Serge Gainsbourg, Nick Drake, Ärvo Part, Tommaso Marletta

Original musics Tazio Iacobacci

musical adaptation Tommaso Marletta, Tazio Iacobacci

Lights Design Antonello Scuderi

Props Salvo Pappalardo

Costume design Nuccia Cardillo

with Amelie de Vautibault, Valentina Miraglia, Velia Trovato, Emma Scialfa

organization and press offices: Majazé


production MotoMimetico Arterama Majaze´



05/'03 Majazè - Catania
01/'04 Festival Rome Europe, Palladium Theatre - Rome