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Camera del Sonno



Camera del Sonno comes from the cooperation of the choreographer Emma Scialfa and the video maker Maria Arena.
Premise to this teamwork is the unification in scene between video and dance language, resulting in a kind of reverse shot, a two voices dialogue on a unique plot: dreams.
In the scene a screen/house becomes both a theatrical machine and a surface for video projection.

A fixed television camera, inside a bedroom, records from the everyday actions of a woman coming back home after work, to her reawakening the morning after.
The video shows this piece of life in a detached way, without any editing, nearly demonstrating that the woman is spied by a hidden television camera.
However, only when she is sleeping and dreaming, the recording is made in order to shrink time from six hours to fifty minutes.

The scene is the place where the woman starts dancing, through an eye blinded research, so that her axis can confuse and get together with the external and extreme one.
The woman interacting with the screen/house gets into the scene just like her unconscious. She moves in the space going through the projection.
The movement becomes concrete through the dream analysis, told or lived. The laboratorial phase makes possible to deconstruct those dreams in order to give a synaesthetic impression.

This prject has been supported by IXKIZIT
with the support of Conseil General Seine Saint-Denis, AFAA-Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres, Fondation Hippocrene, Prince Claus Fund, Mains D' Oeuvres, Point Ephemere, MTD Epinay sur Seine. Manganaro SRL



Lasting 50 minutes


From an idea Maria Arena

Direction Maria Arena, Emma Scialfa

Coreographer Emma Scialfa

video Maria Arena

Lights Tommaso Mrletta

Music Tommaso Marletta, Giorgio Rizzo



Production: MotoMimetico, Majazé - magazzino culturale




11/'04 Point Ephémère progetto Terrains Fertiles sostenuto da IXKIZIT - Parigi
12/'04 Majazé - Catania
05/'05 (studio) IFFC Fabbrica Europa - Firenze
06/ '05 (studio) IX Festival Internazionale delle Ombre - Staggia Senese
09/05 Notte Bianca - Roma