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AAA Cercasi complici liberi per Zia Clotilde


he plan that we are developing, points to the destabilization of the coreo-compositive rules "historically" given. Our approach doesn't aim to the creation of a unique and repeatible performance but to the creation of solitary events where the materials, the sounds, the colors, the smells, the tastes, the drawable springing redundances, create one new grammar towards the construction of an action. Aunt Clotilde is that personage/subject/ghost that we chase but that doesn't give up. It squirts, through sense segments and possible streams, since sensitive to cultures, she smells, savours, sounds; a sinesthetic entity that unwind the action through the choreography like means and not like aim. Its restless travel gives place to myriads of encounter that determine its apparent meaning only by the rhizomatous possibilities that the curiosity generates in infinite eventualities.
Aunt Clotilde is a FORMAT. A container where the different languages comparing between themselves, from time to time, wait, turn upside-down, construct, new grabs of composition and converse The centre is not the novellistic and/or wordy hypothesis rather than its aim without a "aprioristic" tale, towards an "outside" that vampyrize the personage who, in its turn, elaborates and does not endure.


Choreographers Emma Scialfa - Pucci Romeo


Interpreters Emma Scialfa - Pucci Romeo - all the company

Musician Giorgio Rizzo

Duration: 30 minuteren minimum, since………….






23/12/06 Majazé – Catania

27/03/07 Scenario Pubblico – Catania

4/04/07 Rassegna Artisti per Alcamo – Alcamo

07/03/10 Ass.Cult. I Candelai - Palermo
21/04/12 Nel quadro della Rassegna "Una danza in Sicilia" - Teatro Montevergini - Palermo