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The warning to the sailors in tight sense is a bulletin that the radio in medium-wave does not transmit anymore, but like all the past and present "voices", they settle down in the area of the heard words: publicity, proclamas, songs. We cohabit with an indiscreet world, forced to listen to words that do not regard to us, suspicious intimacy, useless news. A fighting and noisy bunch is lurching in every moment of our life, we would want to say: "Hush!", but we know that it is useless.
The warning to the sailors that we tell is a disperse, tenacious, irreducible active resistance; not a fading away, not a goodbye but a simulation of adaptation to this world where the things have a predefined time and bring back the expiration to the minute, where the needs are to be picked up before that ends the special offer without advance payment rate zero you pay from January. In all of this, a man stops and says, simply, "I like it", "I don't like it", "this I would want", "this I would do".
A slow flow of thoughts of the awakening, the questions without answer, the need to go slowly, the difference between the peach-taste and integral yoghurt, delicate memories of infancy, hard memories of long distance trains and impossible freeways, exact numbers on the hunger in the world and needs of caresses from the world.
The man is, without the filters of the personage, the author-actor Enzo Alaimo, the woman who accompanies it is the dancer Alessandra Contarino, the choreographies are of Emma Scialfa, musics of Tommaso Marletta.
As to finish, a warning to the sailors of the vision, at the beginning the wind is moderated and the sea force two, then it ripples, then returns calm. As it is said in bulletins: floating ships and in transit pay much attention.


Text Enzo Alaimo

Choreographies Emma Scialfa

Musics Tommaso Marletta

With Enzo Alaimo, Alessandra Contarino

Lights/Props MotoMimetico



Production Ortigia Festival, MotoMimetico, Majazé, Pequod 2006



Ortigia Festival Church Saint Giovanello 27 July 2006