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Electroacoustical study for perceptive suggestions and camouflage simulations.

The study concerns the complexity of the relationship between action and reaction.

The relation between musical script and choreographic script determines one series of emotional and physical bangs

The recording of these passages reveals a series of signs, of traces, that define one psychoacoustical map of the relationship between the codes themselves

An aspect of this experimentation is concentrated on the will to stimulate, in the subjective perception, the acoustic impression that is looked at.

As to say that without the listening there wouldn't be the sight, without the sound there wouldn't be the movement and without the movement of the danced body there would not be the musical script.

Choreography Emma Scialfa

Sound designer Tommaso Marletta / Giorgio Rizzo

2007 Edition interpreters Alessandra Contarino
2008 Edition interpreters Marius Moguiba

2012 Edition interpreters Simona Fichera



Production MotoMimetico- - Majazé 2007


17/08/2007 Festival Sibiu dance 2007 -Sibiu - Romania

2008 Majazé- Catania