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The show was the winner of the competition 'Lungo la via Frangicena, a journey of body and soul' - Siena. It was presented as part of the Avvertenza Danza project at The Academy of Dance in Rome and at the Nuovi Movimenti Festival in 2009 at the Teatro Piscator - Catania, as well as part of the Focus On project at the Festival Bolzano Danza 2011.

"Life goes on, inside houses, walls, squares, public scenarios of a" public intimacy. "A life that inhabits the spaces, the Agoras of joys shared in solitude but no longer timidly, as they are now free to express themselves even in a crowd, collectively.

The market, the church yard, the public square, are seen as places that taint the emotions, mixing the human side out of its pure subjectivity and, just like in some kind of alcoholic intoxication, make it all plausibly shared.

A place that is our own, because it belongs to us all.

 All sorts of personalities, noisy, quiet or cheerful, reflect themselves in the architecture, with a  mutual exchange of cultures and symbols that can interpret and define the harmony of the places to which they belong. The lives that stage their appearance in the voyeuristic square, take from each other but remain true to themselves, unique and unrepeatable.

Sulla Passione is the end result of a choreography workshop presented by MotoMimetico company. Under the direction of the two choreographers, Emma Scialfa and Pucci Romeo, the dancers were led through a journey rich of complex cultural, evocative moments, reaching the discovery and the study of expressiveness and elements such as those found in the Mediterranean culture.

The production places itself in the space between time’s transience and beauty’s fragility. Time that goes by just like a body that changes; the gesture, alike and different at the same time, outlined against time like an eternal moment, out of any meaning, costless.

Its focus is not an “anthropological” overview of the gesture but rather a possible and necessary in-depth examination of its pictorial and choreographic strength. Placing the action in a scenographic and architectural space such as a piazza with its lights, represents a topos: the place where everything happens, like the ritualization of folkloristic festivals, a celebration of life and death eternally suspended between a Baroque vision of sacred and profane.

The music employed in the production is drawn from the Sicilian Brass Band repertoire that here becomes a glorious binding force of experiences, passions and stories.

Choreography: Emma Scialfa, Pucci Romeo

Performers: Alessandro Caruso, Giuliana Cocuzza, Simona Fichera, Melissa Gramaglia, Giada Scuderi, Alessandro Sollima.

Music: Processions of Southern Italy, performed and reinterpreted by Banda Ionica and Sicilian brass band classic repertoire, performed by the Banda di Avola

Concept Lighting: Emma Scialfa, Luca Scarpati

Duration: 50 minutes

Production: Majazé - Magazzino Culturale MotoMimetico 2009



07/06/09 Avvertenze Danza  - National Academy of Rome

09/18/09 Festival Fino Alla Fine del Mondo - Siena

12/08/09 Rassegna Nuovi Movimenti 2009 -  Piscator Theatre - Catania

07/20/11 Focus On of Avvertenze Danza- Bolzano Festival 2011

07/28/11 Terrazza Ulisse - Catania

04/12/12 Piscator Theatre - Catania

04/18/12 As part of the Rassegna "Quintae(s)senza - I candelai - Palermo