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"SENTIRE E AGIRE" dance connections


Workshop description

In this workshop series, offered by the MotoMimetico Company and its choreographer Emma Scialfa, we will look into a creative process and motoric methodology. We will ask ourselves questions on the meaning of communication and what kind of message we express with our presence. We will also explore the physical sensations that take place between two or more partners while getting in contact with each other and with the earth.


The workshop's objective is to provide its participants with some effective, hands-on tools that will help them learn how to interact with others as well as on a stage.  Students will deal with movement, with all its surprises and unexpected moments, and will face their own limits and motor tendencies to learn how to fully utilize the body at its highest potential, while increasing their ability to listen. Thoughts and action will be combined to move forward together.


We will deepen our knowledge of various techniques such as stretching, release, manipulation and couples massage, floor work and contemporary dance in order to increase our ability to "Feel and Act" the dance.  While improving our movements, that will progressively become more precise in all of their components, we will also develop a familiarity with our own body which is, simultaneously, the container and receptor of all human sensations. 

The classes are addressed to adults (18 and up) who have little to no experience with movement studies and that wish to: expand their awareness of their own movements’ potential and limits; encourage their artistic/creative inclination; become familiar with the basics of motion from a technical and of performance standpoint; develop their ability to lead and/or facilitate team projects; increase their own ability to feel and act within the dynamic of a group; facilitate their personal body expressions by learning how to communicate through the body language; deepen their understanding of formative and learning processes. 



Emma Scialfa

Choreographer/Dancer/Cultural Operator



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